MS Word Master Documents

This chapter from Steve Hudson’s Work in Progress on Advance Word Usage covers topics such as when to use (and when not to use) master documents, as well as “The Ten Heretical Rules of Masters,” which provides advice on how to use master documents for large or complex document production. In PDF format.

Download: Microsoft-Word-masterdocs.pdf


Technical Writing Tips & Tricks: Taming MS Office | Tech Writer Today

12 years ago

[…] Master Documents can be your friend. They were the bane of technical writing for many years. Recent versions of MS Word have made using Master Documents function less nightmarish. In fact, when dealing with massive word documents (500+ pages or over 32 Mb), Master Documents are a great solution for organizing and protecting your work from corruption. Essentially Master Documents act like large folders for lots of little files (called Sub-documents). There is typically no content in the Master Document file other than the TOC. Read more on MS Word Master Documents. […]

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