NetXposure 6.1 Enterprise Digital Asset Management Platform Launched

NetXposure, provider of Digital Asset Management (DAM) solutions, released NetXposure 6.1. with several  new, customer-driven features including an enhanced user interface, video management tools, and new imaging and sharing functions.

“We strive to continually enhance our Enterprise Digital Asset Management platform to meet the broad needs of our customers.” said Jason Wehling, CEO of NetXposure. “NetXposure 6.1 demonstrates our commitment to creating a faster, easier and more powerful experience for our users.”

NetXposure 6.1 brings a strong focus to user experience elements, new integration with InDesign Server, and popular custom presentation components to support technical communications and other groups working in multiple teams that manage complex taxonomies, custom web and PDF publishing, and asset syndication. Specific enhancements to the digital asset management system include:

  • Video trimming allows users to select video in and out points and generate derivative video file clips.
  • Expanded support for Adobe Creative Suite files.
  • Custom Presentations: Create custom contact sheets (or slideshows) from any asset and data collections, using catalog templates in Adobe InDesign.
  • Drag and Drop uploader allows users to select multiple files to upload from their web browser.
  • Improved support for uploading Very Large Files.
  • Universal video player that allows users to easily embed videos on their own external CMS or website.

“As an enterprise DAM developer, we work hard to strike a balance between our platform’s sophistication and the simplicity of the user experience,” said Wehling, “We feel NetXposure 6.1 offers a broad range of improvements to usability, while leveraging our rich set of options and configurable features.”

Visit the NetXposure website for  a video demonstration of the digital asset management system or more information on how to purchase or upgrade NetXposure 6.1. View the full press release.

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