Safeharbor Releases Improved SmartSupport™ Knowledge Management Solution

Safeharbor Knowledge Solutions announced availability of its  improved SmartSupport™  unified knowledge management solution. SmartSupport combines internal and external knowledge base management with community forum management tools on a single platform for online customer service support.  Enhancements to faceted and natural language search queries and configurable search workflows improve overall capability to capture queries, understand intent, and match it to high value content within the knowledge management system.

SafeHarbor detailed its enhancements and new features to three key areas of SmartSupport:  Search Engine, Forum Moderator and Administrator Dashboards.

The Knowledge Base Search Engine’s expanded faceted and natural language search capabilities improve speed and accuracy and shorten time to resolution.  The faceted natural language search offers sorting and filtering capabilities such as relevance, title, type, and can be customized into search workflows that support step-by-step case-based reasoning.

Improvements to the Forum Moderator dashboard include smartphone and tablet access for streamlined tracking and approval of new posts, comments and replies. Moderation functionality includes review, assign, reply, defer and delete options, and new features include configurable email notifications, bulk actions, and post reassignment outside the view of the online community. The same  forum moderation features can now be used to moderate article comments.

Administrator Dashboard improvements feature UI changes to streamline and provide intuitive control of the KB and community tools. The Administrator tools also include an expanded set of reports, and one-click access to frequently used reports. Administrators can also manage alerts, including start and stop date to eliminate manual removals. Alerts are now designed for use anywhere in a site theme for flexible support of user experience goals, and alerts can be archived and reused.

SafeHarbor also noted that SmartSupport includes substantial forms integration. Administrators can create and organize an unlimited number of custom forms supported by custom hierarchical menus. Form creation is managed through simple menu options to add and modify predetermined and custom fields and form objects such as check boxes and dropdown menus. Forms can be inserted on the organization’s site as links, menu items or interactive widgets. In addition, forms integration includes configurable email options for custom routing, ticketing, and response message development.

Safeharbor Knowledge Solutions, a Washington based corporation founded in 1998, provides knowledge management SaaS applications and solutions and contact center services to customers  in the technology, retail, banking, airline, communications and utility sectors.  Visit the Safeharbor website, or read the full press release.

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