SiberLogic Offers Free DITA CCMS (Component Content Management System)

SiberLogic announces the availability of its  SiberSafe DITA CCMS (component content management system for DITA) at no cost to teams of any size. The SiberSafe CCMS software is notlimited to a subset of its standard DITA support functionality, and  is provided with all its DITA XML support features for any number of users on the technical communications team.

In addition, SiberSafe DITA CCMS users are not required to purchase any services from SiberLogic, such as  implementation, training and support services, in order to take advantage of the free SiberSafe DITA CCMS software.

SiberSafe DITA CCMS offers a built-in XML authoring tool that is tightly integrated with XMetaL/XMAX, ArborText, FrameMaker and oXygen.SiberLogic offers the integrations with these third-party authoring tools at no additional cost (third-party authoring tools are subject to the vendor’s licensing and pricing).

The state-of-the-art SiberSafe DITA CCMS features includes a workflow control engine, link management, collaborative online review/annotation, full text index/search, configurable content management granularity, collaborative check in/out-based authoring, version control, PDF layout design, PDF and knowledge base publishing and hundreds of other DITA CCMS features.

Please refer to the DITA page of the SiberLogic website for more information.

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