[Sponsored Post] Adobe FrameMaker at IAR SYSTEMS: Better Updates More Often for Less Money

IAR Systems header image _ webIAR Systems is a global provider of software development tools for embedded systems, such as the logic components found in everything from mobile phones and microwave ovens to pulse-oximeters and antilock brakes. IAR Systems implemented Adobe FrameMaker as part of its strategy to provide the best service and value to its end users.

To maintain its market dominance, IAR Systems aims to publish the most current, product-specific documentation possible. After engaging Adobe FrameMaker experts at The Content Era, IAR Systems focused on converting unstructured FrameMaker content to structured FrameMaker content. The Content Era developed a custom plug-in that produced a structured, single-source environment, in which content exists in only one location and can be reused across multiple publications.

“Using a conversion table and ExtendScripts, our team of three accomplished the conversion with a minimum of hassle and manual work,” says Susanne Dahlén, Head of User Documentation at IAR Systems. “By means of the custom plug-in, modularized content is available as FrameMaker text insets that are updated to reflect the continuous development of our software.”

The new repository supported by the custom plug-in has created new efficiencies that enable the IAR Systems team to update documentation more frequently, further enhancing the company’s value proposition. Documentation for each product variant is managed from dedicated FrameMaker books built on relevant reuse modules. The result is always current documentation, targeted to the specific product and delivered on any device.  http://adobe.ly/21ST7Ax

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