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Justice Is Served 60% Faster by the Larcier Group

Professionals in Belgium’s justice system get higher quality publications faster because Larcier Group continually expands its integrations and automations with Adobe FrameMaker. By integrating FrameMaker with its content management system and scripting tool, Larcier Group dramatically increased content quantity, including new titles and topics, without added training and support costs. 

Legal content can have a short shelf life, so it’s important for Larcier Group to ensure speedy delivery of up-to-date content to judges, lawyers, and other legal professionals. Adobe FrameMaker enables the specialty publisher to turn XML data into final page layouts and to generate PDF files for web and print distribution. 

“Adobe FrameMaker helps us keep our core products affordable for our target customer base and profitable in a tight marketplace,” says Paul Wallemacq, Production Director, Larcier Group. “Automating our technical publishing process with Adobe FrameMaker, in conjunction with several content management systems, has kept us growing continuously and steadily, and it will continue to do so as the platform advances to meet the evolving needs of our technical publishers.”   


  • Accelerated publishing cycles by up to 60% and achieved a valuable gain in quality, reducing the need for manual control
  • Provided up-to-date material regarding legislation, codes, and directories to professionals throughout Belgian legal communities
  • Carried on 100-year tradition of successfully servicing legal professionals in two languages with an expanded selection of publications 
  • Integrated with content management system and developer scripting tools for turning XML data into page layouts

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