TechWhirl Third Annual Tech Comm Halloween Horror Stories Festival

halloweenhorror2013Technical communicators with experience in multi-channelling psychotic SMEs, manifesting supernatural workflows, escaping the curse of  bad formatting, single-sourcing zombie reanimation techniques, documenting mutant spider invasions, interviewing ghosts in the machines, and other encounters with the macabre mechanics of corporate existence are invited to share their experiences, both real and imagined, in TechWhirl’s Tech Comm Halloween Horror Stories Festival.

TechWhirl knows that ferreting out and describing the functional requirements of a new enterprise system is something of a dark art, but most technical communicators get little opportunity to practice other its other aspects, such as creatively transforming frustration with constantly moving deadlines into heroic adventure scripts. Tech Comm Halloween Horror Stories peers into the dark cubbyholes and dusty cubicles of the underappreciated to engage in a bit of otherworldly knowledge sharing. These secret texts (and any accompanying hieroglyphics or runic drawings) can be of almost any length, although those of 800-2000 words tend to lead a charmed existence.

Deadline for the third annual apocalypse of tech writer story telling is Friday, October 18, 2013. 

Please send us your original copy and a picture of yourself  (police mug shots and death masks are acceptable alternatives). This allows sufficient time for those socially awkward lab assistants recuperating from cranial transplants to engage in the required amount of inhuman peer review. Look for publication during the last week of October.

Questions can be submitted via posted comments, the TechWhirl Community Forums, or the next regularly scheduled séance.

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