Tech Comm/Content Management 2014 Budget Priorities (poll)

Budget Priorities for 2014 (poll)February seems to be the period when many organizations are either settling into their new budgets, or  getting that final approval for them for the new year. That makes it a perfect opportunity to start a conversation among our content professional compatriots on their budget priorities for 2014. Given that the proposed budget and the approved budget often bear little if any resemblance to each other, we figure that for many it’s a conversation on overlooked and sidelined priorities.  But perhaps not, which is why we couch the poll question in terms of what you would do, rather than will do.

In a perfect world, we’d get the right budget amount for all of the options listed in the question.  But we know the world isn’t perfect, and chances are good that the bean counters cut back on everything “non-essential.” What’s important to one team or manager may be completely irrelevant to another, and that’s what will make this conversation interesting.  Are you in an organization that values its employees? Are you working with tools dating back to the turn of the century? Does your business case for improved productivity and revenues via new systems or processes receive a welcoming nod or go straight to the circular file? Are you making any progress on that often elusive goal of demonstrating the value of tech comm?

The catch is you can only choose one, because let’s face it, any resemblance between asking for what you need for you and your team to do the job, and the real budget you end up with is purely coincidental. Have a look, pick your priority, and then include a comment that tells us why you selected what you did, and whether your real budget included it. Who knows, maybe we can all pick up a few good arguments for next year.

What one area of your technical communication/content management budget would you increase in 2014?

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