Tech Comm Halloween Horror Festival 2014

halloween-horror-festivalAny good content professional knows that the world is a scary place, especially the corporate world. Doing battle with the forces of evil, both seen and unseen requires courage, stamina, and perhaps a little garlic along with the laptop and the CMS. Soulless SMEs,vampiric vice presidents, maniacal managers, and devilish developers cast fiendish spells of time-wasting horrors and wander zombie-like through the landscape of the work we know needs to be done to best serve our users.

Once again it’s time to record those mythic tales of darkness and despair and share them with other champions of the light (and other wannabe heros battling evil and bad formatting across the globe) in the Tech Comm Halloween Horror Festival – 2014 Edition. Strategists taking down the sorcerers of mediocrity… tech writers repelling the body-snatching invaders from the outer space of HR, customer experience designers fending off the kraken of  bad quality … You understand better than most what it takes to stand firm for relevance, and usability, and the well-turned phrase.

Please send us your original copy, graphics (optional, but probably at least as cool as anything we can dig up) and a scary headshot (so our Igors in the lab can ensure sufficient publicity for your efforts) using this handy submission form no later than October 17, 2014. Look for publication during the last week of October.

Submit your questions using your favorite familiar (furry, feathered or scaly) or post them inthe TechWhirl Community Forums.

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