Technical Communication Poll: Best Vacation Choices for Communicators

poll - best vacation choices for communicatorsOver the years, I’ve enjoyed musing about the traits we share as technical communicators as much as the unique ways each of us have. One of my favorite threads on the email discussion list happened back in March 2000, when Tara Charter posed a semi-serious list of qualifications for a software technical writer.  “Must like cats and Pepsi” ranked number 4 on her list, and the subsequent debate demonstrated that a love of “warm fuzzy animals (both cats and dogs) and cool fizzy drinks (Pepsi and Diet Coke ranked at the top)” was among those traits many of us shared. So as our U.S. readers are looking for ways to stay cool, celebrate the Independence Day holiday, and spend time and money on a summer vacation, it seemed appropriate to look for another commonality—how we spend our non-working time, especially vacations or holidays. So we’re asking for your recommendations on the best vacation choices for communicators.

For those folks in the technical communication and content management business who actually get to take vacations, we’ve built a nice, user friendly tech comm poll question this week. Vacation is supposed to be a time to take a break from work and recharge. Introverts and Extroverts tend restore their mental energy levels in different ways, and we’re thinking perhaps that also applies to the choice of vacation. How do you prefer to spend your holidays/PTO/summer vacation? Do you unplug completely and stay far away from technology and professional explaining? Are you ready for intellectual stimulation that has nothing to do with work? Do you indulge in a hobby or a vocation?  Do you relax or go for an adrenalin rush?

Have no fear; TechWhirl is not planning to launch the latest vacation planning tool. This kind of fun question is just an interesting way to think about the kinds of personalities who gravitate toward the tech comm and content management professions.  So take a minute and vote for the vacation you like to take or the one you dream of taking. If nothing matches your itinerary, post a comment and tell us what does… you might even inspire a few more hardworking content pros to take a break.

How do you prefer to spend your holidays (PTO or summer vacation)?

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Chuck Beck

11 years ago

A few years ago, I too would have been part of the “Unplugging and getting back to nature with a backpack, some hiking boots and a rugged GPS” group—only without the GPS. Now I’m getting old, and I prefer to spend my vacations being a totally lazy bum, reading, sleeping, maybe going to a movie, and spending as much time as possible with my passionate avocation: composing music. Not necessarily in that order.


11 years ago

Just general cultural exploration I really like. For example, traveling to a European city and hitting a bunch of museums, theaters, galleries, etc.
Also, attending a language school (e.g., Spanish in Mexico) – this may fall under “returning to student mode”.

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