Tech Comm U to Serve Technical Communications Industry

Valentine’s Day (February 14), 2012 marked the launch of Tech Comm U, a continuing education destination that provides affordable training for the technical communications workforce.  Tech Comm U offers online courses in technical writing and instructional design, and is geared to freelance writers and other professionals planning a career change into the technical communications field.

The launch announcement notes,  “Though this career requires advanced information and training to get into the field, it is worth the effort. There is consistent growth for technical communicators because technology is always developing, changing and growing.” In the US alone the growth rate for technical writing is expected to continue at 18 percent through at least 2018. Emmanuel Sullivan founder of Tech Comm U noted, “As technology evolves the need for skilled technical communicators also increases. …the goal [is] to stay relevant to the industry’s current trends and requirements.”

Technical communications has expanded well beyond writing manuals, and Tech Comm U aims to provide continuing education resources that allow professionals to build or sharpen their skills in these expanding areas, such as instructional design.  Tech Comm U notes that educational opportunities most often focus on costly higher education degrees or certificate programs. Instead, Tech Comm U’s “Courses are interactive, affordable, and easy to get through. They provide basic and advanced insight into the technical communications career.”  The company also provides community forum, social media, and blogging to further engage participants and garner feedback.

Tech Comm U offers introductory pricing and promotions. Read the entire announcement, or visit the Tech Comm U website.

Teresa Silva

12 years ago

The TechCommU web site link doesn’t work!

Teresa Silva

12 years ago

working now…

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