Tech Writer This Week for August 22, 2015


I have to pack up the books… no I’m not moving, but I am having floors redone, so 2,000+ books go into boxes for a while. Which might raise the question why keep 2000+ books around… It’s a thing for sure.

I may be near the top of the heap of tech comm folks when it comes to obsession with printed books, but I know for sure there’s quite a few of us who give friends nightmares when they hear it’s time to move. And yes, I have an ever-growing digital library as well, which doesn’t require so much attention during moves and recarpeting. I just have a hard time disposing of books. They have substance and permanence, and they provide an inexplicable feeling of well-being, which you cannot get from a device that would rather warn you about having 10% power left.

From the time my father took me to the Enoch Pratt Free Library (the branch on Harford Road) in Baltimore to get my very first library card (I was six years old), I’ve had a love affair with books. Now it’s time to make good on this content reuse idea, and clear a little clutter from the house while I’m at it. So far I’ve packed up about 75 for donation purposes (I’m about halfway through). Doesn’t sound like much, but in fact I’ve never given books away before, so this is an achievement for me.

Some of the folks who grace Tech Writer This Week are published authors, who produced real-live tomes with pages and covers and such. All of them have substantial things to say about tech comm, content strategy, user experience and customer experience. So time to dig into the virtual stacks and ponder ideas about content and the people who create it:

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