Tech Writer This Week for July 26, 2012

Tech Writer This Week for July 26, 2012 – TechWhirl

TechWhirl’s Weekly Roundup of the best technical communication and technical writing posts on the web.

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In Tech Comm, Ellis Pratt ( talks about the “Five Whys” and how they apply to technical writing. Ellis also ponders the future of tech writing.

Tom Johnson ( discusses cross references, and Sarah Maddox ( wonders how much detail should we put into tech docs. Rhonda Bracey ( shares a rather confusing warning message and humorously proves a URL can be shortened a bit TOO much.

In Content Strategy, we offer posts from Kylie Jane Wakefield ( on how to create content that works and why knowing the customer matters. Shelagh Cummins ( discusses what content strategy is and why it’s important.

We wrap with some eye-catching Twitter posts and ask you to get in touch if you’re interested in becoming a TechWhirl writer.

Technical Communication

5 Whys – what does this mean for Technical Authors? | Cherryleaf …13 hours ago … The “5 Whys” is a question-and-answer technique used to discover the root cause of a defect or problem. It is an appro…
Education technology – Is this also the future for Technical Authors …1 day ago … Cherryleaf Technical Authors Blog … Other education sites, such as, suggest the future of study will have t…
The Importance of Contextual Navigation, or Cross References in …19 hours ago … Some writers feel that including inline links in your help topics distracts … Overall, contextual links provide one …
How much detail should we put in the documentation?What type of information should we include in our documentation, and how deep should we dive into the details? Technical writers make the…
Unfortunate URL shorteningGreat article, pity about how the URL was automatically shortened where it was! ;-) You can read the article here:…
Confusing warning « CyberText Newsletter12 hours ago … The official newsletter/blog of CyberText Consulting – technical … Here's a warning I saw the other day (click t…

Content Strategy

Figuring Out How to Create Content That Works [INFOGRAPHIC]Producing valuable and interesting content is sometimes a marketer’s hardest task. The internet has an abundant amount of information ava…
Why Knowing the Customer MattersPersonalization is nothing new. It started with targeted ads on Gmail and Facebook, along with product recommendations on Amazon. But wit…
What is content strategy and why is it important? | She Owns It2 days ago … What is content strategy and why is it important? by @biztrainher … URL http://…

Best posts from the Twitterverse

Just as courage is found between recklessness and cowardice, #techcomm is found between a vague notion and information overload.Andrew T. Brooke
I hate writing really technical stuff. Esp about technology.Samantha Choy
Aaaarghhh..!! If someone tells you technical writing is easy, refer them to me – I have a mouthful for them..!!Sairam Krishnan
I can’t decide if reading or writing technical documents is worse.Maria Lyon
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