Tech Writer This Week for June 20, 2013

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Tech Writer This Week for June 20, 2013

In my office job as a tech writer, I strive to create solid technical content. Larry Kunz ( lends me a hand by talking about  the trend of treating content as a business asset. I hope this trend becomes established corporate practice.

Elsewhere in Technical Communication, Vinish Garg ( believes he has the UX skills to make the transition from technical writing to UX. But will he? And Mark Baker ( emphasizes simplicity over functionality in content navigation. Finally Bill Kirschbaum (, alerts us to a user guide for Virgin America that went viral. Who knew?

Evgenia Grinblo ( looks at her User Experience role as its own business. Mike Moloney ( discusses the most common UX mistakes — and how to fix them. Kevin Goldberg ( chimes in with the top UX tools of 2013. Andrii Glushko ( introduces us to the concept of participatory design, and the impact it can make in sharing healthcare information.

Devin Asaro ( talks about empathy and mixing feelings with Content Strategy. Jon Miller ( discusses using content curation to build relationships with qualified prospects. Matthew Brennan ( emphasizes how content curation can show readers that you have their interests at heart.

Customer Experience Management explores two aspects of defining this emerging field. First David Jacques looks at how wider adoption of the term has led to confusion on its meaning and its scope within a business. Then Ellis Luk ( profiles three customer success managers to get a real-life sense of the job.

In Career and Life, Melonie Dodaro ( clues us in on how to reel in more business using LinkedIn. Writing Assistance ( gives us hints on holding attention in a distracted world. Rhonda Bracey ( describes the difference between affect and effect –I have to stop and think about this one, too.

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