Tech Writer This Week for June 21, 2012

Tech Writer This Week for June 21, 2012 by TechWhirl

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In Technical Communication, Daniel Archer ( says editing might be the skill of the century. Gurpreet Singh ( shares slides from his STC presentation on effective presentation skills. Ivan  Walsh ( supplies three ways to improve the accuracy of your technical documentation. And, Sarah Maddox ( offers a thought-provoking opinion on how we find, mange, and present information.

Immerse yourself in User Experience with reading on 10 things every UI designer should know about end users, and then  UX Magazine discusses how to illustrate the big picture using journey modeling.
In Content Strategy, learn how Amanda Cross ( made the move from the corporate world to self-employed content strategy consultant.
Tech Life offers five great USB apps as well as 10 tips for making Word 2007 and 2010 behave.
Technical Communication
The Skill of the Century – Technical Writing World2 days ago … That's not an actual quote, but it's how my wife paraphrased it. It's from a talk called "Less stuff, m…
My STC Presentation on Effective Presentation Skills « Technical …2 days ago … Though the presentation shared in this post is two years old, the … Technical Writing ToolBox … My STC Presentation …
Technical Documents: How to be more accurateWho do you write for? This is a problem for many technical writers, especially if you don't get to meet or interact with your reade…
The way we communicateOver the last couple of weeks, I’ve been mulling over the way we communicate. Every now and then, people say that we (people in general, …
User Experience
10 things every UI designer should know about end users …2 days ago … Takeaway: An interface that fails to consider the user perspective isn't likely to win acceptance. Jack Wallen looks…
Illustrating the Big Picture | UX Magazine4 days ago … Experience designers use a wide variety of techniques to represent the interactions between individuals, organizations, …
Content Strategy
Entrepreneurially Speaking: Amanda Cross Makes The Move From …Jun 5, 2012 … Amanda Cross, Crosswise Consulting. So I've finally made the transition from full- time employee to self-employed co…
Tech Life
Five indispensable apps to carry on a USB stick | TechRepublic14 hours ago … Ah, the USB stick — one of the IT admin's best friends. It travels with you and helps you rescue machines, work m…
10 Word defaults you can customize to work the way YOU want …19 hours ago … Change a few key default settings in Word and you won't have to make the same tweaks over and over.
Wrapping up this week with the latest in user-centered infographics:

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