Tech Writer This Week for June 27, 2015

coffee mug as alarm clock

Here’s a customer experience/content development challenge we can really get behind: make the waking up and getting to work on time experience pleasant and productive. All the elements are there, and lots of partial solutions have been tried over the years, but we’re still not there, and it’s detrimental to national productivity (no matter which nation you hail from.)

Seriously, this has all sorts of customer experience elements that need immediate attention. Just a few years ago somebody introduced an answering service that would call you up every morning. Pricey, and sometimes they’d miss the morning call. Then there were the electric coffee makers with the built-in alarm that would start brewing as soon as the buzzer went off.  Much closer, but you had to remember to set up the coffee, water and filter the night before… and for Pete’s sake who’s going to do all that when they’ve got a Keurig, or a drive-through Starbuck’s a few blocks over?

Historical evidence indicates that one of the most effective methods was the parental shake ’em til they’re up approach. However, unless you’re still living in the folks’ basement this fails the resource availability test. Spouses and SOs could make for effective substitutes, but there’s going to be some fair trade negotiation necessary that typically involves expensive meals, toys, or jewelry.

Perhaps the most effective method is one that is totally unautomated, and misses the whole “pleasant” thing. Remembering that the household income depends on things like actually getting paid by an employer (or clients). This tends to be an immersive and 24/7 approach, since those pesky income and bill payment issues are among the things that keep us up at night.

While we’re figuring out the whole buyer journey for this huge market opportunity, we also find that scouring the internet with that cuppa joe pays significant benefits–really useful, entertaining, and thought-provoking commentary from people who have wisdom to share about content creation, customer experience and making a living at something you love. Commentary such as:

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