Tech Writer This Week for June 7, 2012

Tech Writer This Week for June 7, 2012 by TechWhirl

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Remember PowerPoint is a tool, not the enemy, so check out Atkinson’s book. 

Everyone gets their first new job at some point. Gretyl Kinsey ( advises the novice tech writer to expect the unexpected. Totally solid suggestion for ALL of us toiling in tech comm.

While you explore what’s happening in in technical communication, check out two posts from Ugur Akinci ( He recommends, as does the Fourth Edition of the Microsoft Manual of Style, the “inverted pyramid” as a good way to write technical documents. Why? Because people don’t have the time to read “introductory” materials anymore. Sad but true. Get used to it. Ugur also discusses the most basic and indespensible parts of a user manual. Great stuff.  

For a perspective on technical communication beyond North America, spend some time reading Colum McAndrew ( Then dive into user testing for documentation, and the exciting world of EULAs. For interesting take on a related field, check out Smashing Magazines on user -centered approaches to mobile design.

In Career and Life, we have four new job search tools for you to check out in 2012.  And a little bit of fun to finish out the week. Enjoy!

Technical Communication

New to tech comm? Expect the unexpected | Scriptorium PublishingNew to tech comm? Expect the unexpected. May 29th, 2012 by Gretyl Kinsey. When I started at Scriptorium a year ago, I knew almost nothi…
Is the UK/European TechComm industry behind the curve? | The RoboColum(n)I see it as part of my job to keep informed of what is going on around me. I don’t like surprises. Unless they’re good ones of course. Pa…
What is “Inverted Pyramid” Style of Technical Writing? | Technical …1 day ago … Ugur Akinci. It's writing what is most important first and what is the least important the last. The traditional styl…
The Most Basic and Indispensable Parts of a “User Manual …4 days ago … The Most Basic and Indispensable Parts of a “User Manual”
Write For Your Readers: Copyright Policies and EULAs | Analytics & OptimizationOver the last year or two, I’ve heard quite a bit of discussion spiked with a bit of outrage about two things: copyright policies and pri…
Why user documentation should be tested and how to do itEveryone knows that it is important to test software so that you find any bugs before it goes out to customers. The majority of organisat…

User Experience

User experience professionals face the same challenges in mobile design as user assistance professionals.
A User-Centered Approach To Web Design For Mobile Devices – Smashing Mobile | Smashing MobileFor the past few years, we’ve heard pundits declaring each year as "year of the mobile Web"; each year trying to sound more convincing th…
Advice that reaches far beyond the UX crowd….
When you need better copy, and you can’t think of better copy, kill the copy. #UXScott Belsky

Career and Life 4 New Job Search Tools to Check Out in 2012 …1 day ago … names Meeteor (founded by Phil Cortes and Chris Lee, both WG' 11) as one of its favorite innovations for…

Just for Fun

A new twist on “this page intentionally left blank.” (thanks to Geoff Hart for discovering this.)

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