Tech Writer This Week for March 8, 2012

A week of tornadoes, snow storms, political storms, and now solar storms never keeps the intrepid tech writer from his or her appointed rounds. It’s possibly they could slow us down, especially the solar storms predicted impact on GPS and all things telecommunications. Nevertheless, it’s been a busy week in technical communications, so we’ve collected the news of the last week, and we’ve tracked down some of the best of the best in blogs and commentary, stepping into user experience, findability and the always useful tidbits for making life easier.

TechWhirl is focusing on translation challenges in technical communications during March, so wander over and take this week’s poll on justifying translation costs, and feel free to add your comments about other ammunition in the budget battles.  Various weather-related stuff notwithstanding, our own tech writer gang heads to Memphis this weekend to cover all wonderful User Assistance goodness generated at WritersUA starting on Sunday, and we hope to see you there.

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