Tech Writer This Week for May 23, 2015

ferris wheel

The start of the US summer vacation season is upon us. To assuage those the pangs of jealousy we feel for those who actually have the time and commitment to taking more than 12 hours off, we consider the value of the amusement park experience. It’s customer experience, content, workload, and life all wrapped up in a handy one-day package.

Think about it … that rollercoaster offers heartstopping exhilaration, followed by that odd sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach. Just like the first-time-ever pat on the back from the senior VP right before the tough questions on the dip in the latest customer satisfaction numbers. Or the happy dance as you’re off to a new destination on your bucket list, followed by the step-aside for the full-body pat down at airport security.

A good amusement park does wayfinding right. when you exit the ride, still wobbly-legged after the 12th time on the monster roller coaster, signs pointing to the nearest soda or ice cream stand (or beer garden, if you go to the right park) encourage yet more expenditures with the lure of refreshment. A few minutes relaxation, and you’re off, ready to take in the view from the top of the ferris wheel. And as long as you don’t get stuck there while technicians chase the errant squirrel from the track, you can enjoy a big-picture, totally immersive experience once every 45 seconds.

While you’re standing in line for your turn at the bumper cars, feel free to gawk like a kid at what the best techcomm, content strategy and customer experience carnies offer up for your amusement and edification. Cool rides such as:

You don’t have to be this tall to ride… climb aboard the latest edition of Tech Writer This Week.

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