Tech Writer This Week for January 29, 2015

lions-tigers-and-leopards-oh-myRunning across stuck-in-their-ways business folk—content creators, those that support them, and all others categorized at some point as business folk—tends to be annoying, entertaining, or even enraging. The poor customer experience you had with that company certainly colors your opinion, but tragically is often SOP. Those toxic “colleagues” who belittle and bedevil those who want to not hate the job they were hired for can eat into productivity, unless you can sit back and take the bemused approach to it all.

And sometimes it can be refreshing to think about how those ruts actually present opportunities for the most innovative among content pros. You can hunt the trails less traveled and relish the experience, or you can be an armchair explorer, with a peculiar fascination for how things should be done or always were.

Happily, our TechWhirl community has a fairly large supply of the adventurer sort, who like to experiment in ways to make content relevant, compelling, and findable, no matter what unhelpful camouflage management types send their way. We like to help them by exploring the internet jungle and bringing back a few ideas and tools from reknowned explorers that can make that job easier, and this week is no exception. Some of the items we snared this week:

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