Tech Writer This Week for November 14, 2013

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One Space, or Two?

In a week that brought us a report stating that there may be as many as 40 billion habitable planets in the galaxy, we summon our inner Monty Python and offer Mrs. Brown a little more hope for Earth, or at least its business communications, through Tech Writer This Week. Until Kirk finds the planet of great documentation, you’re stuck with us, which ain’t too bad. Unless, right in the middle of a fairly clever paragraph we use the word “ain’t”, which will most certainly disapproving eyebrow raise from the Grammarians in the audience, because as we’ve been taught, we’re not supposed to use “ain’t”. But, we digress.

Maybe this would be a good time to move onto the useful content portion of this post.

In this week’s edition we share the owner’s manual for the Death Star, provide an “eat your vegetables” great article on delivering unified customer experiences, and find a nifty little guide to finding the right infographic for your particular need. There’s more out there in this week’s edition, you’ll just need to go where 10s of people before you have gone – to this week’s Tech Writer This, uh, Week.

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