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So you’re a little bleary eyed this morning after watching the opening of the Olympics last night, but even through the fog of steel mills and girls with lost phones, the thing that still occurs to you is that it working for some tyrant boss in the 1800s still seems more pleasant than your office on Monday morning.  Hey, at least those folks got to dance occasionally, right?

Well if that’s the case then today is your day to start finding that puurfect 10 technical communication job.  No Tears for Fears or Faulty Tower is going to stand in your way.  Oh no, and in the end, it’s you who’ll bring home a little more gold.  This week’s edition of recent jobs on our sister site have a few editor jobs, as well as, technical writing roles.  After that, a few of our Tweeted articles in case you need to brush up on those pole vaulting or resume skills.

Hava  great weekend and good luck with Monday’s olympiad — does your office have four or three rings?

Latest Technical Communication Jobs on TechWhirl

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