TechWhirl: Technical Communication Recap for April 25, 2014

technical communication recapTo be honest, I didn’t have much luck trying to find a theme that ties together all the great content we published with discussions going on in the TechWhirl community, and the world at large. So in the best tradition of Jeopardy! quiz show categories, consider this Potpourri. Take a little DITA adoption, mix it with some help on email management, add drop or two of content optimization prioritization, throw in some curated stuff from our friends around the web, and bake it in with some cool discussions on Acrobat, Word, resumes, and Markdown, and there you go. Potpourri that’s useful without the smelly part that makes you sneeze.

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 earth _ we live here

Tech Writer This Week for April 24, 2014

We’re celebrating Earth this week at Tech Writer This Week. Yes, that big blue marble hurling through space is the place we call home and it’s a dandy. While we have our suspicions on some of its inhabitants, the beauty and elegance of the third rock from the sun is something to behold.

 The Help Files

The Help Files: Take Your Email from E-Junk to E-Gold

The Duct Tape Writer, Craig Cardimon, scours the web for tips and hints to make your work life more productive. This month, his Help Files focus on email.


Priorities for Creating Optimized Content (poll)

The newest TechWhirl poll asks content developers how they prioritize search/findability and content reuse as goals when creating and optimizing content.

 DITA Adoption Project Planning

Project Planning for DITA Adoption

Like any other major project that changes your tools, processes, and outputs, careful project planning for DITA adoption is the key to success. Transformative projects like DITA adoption require substantial planning and resources, to ensure that the people, processes and technology are ready and able to succeed.

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