TechWhirl: Technical Communication Recap for August 1, 2014

technical communication recapHave you gone exploring around TechWhirl lately? My regular jaunts through the archives, the email discussion list, the magazines and the portals always turn up some gems, but lately more so than ever. You could peruse some really informative, extra lively discussions on a whole range of topics, including style versus grammar, using Jira for documentation, Oculus Rift docs, using Illustrator, infographics… and that’s just the topics generated on the list.

Add to that a few more debates and commentary in the community forums about recent TechWhirl articles. Welcome our latest addition to the Special Writers Unit, veteran Whirler Dan Goldstein. Hop over to and take advantage of the opportunity to enter a CERA nomination (recognize great content and those that create it—yourself, your team, or your clients). And there’s always some new opportunities presenting themselves on the TechWhirl jobs site.

More fun than a Saturday at a theme park, more educational than a day on the beach with the latest bestseller. And guess what… no sunburn!

Have a great weekend!

-Connie and the gang at TechWhirl

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Tech Writer This Week for July 31, 2014

The best technical communication articles on the web for the week of July 24th.

 Essential Skills for eLearning Developers

Essential Skills for eLearning Developers

On career day at the typical elementary school, you’re not likely to hear many kids saying they want to grow up to be eLearning gurus someday. But with the accelerating pace of change in education and technology, eLearning development continues to offer exciting career opportunities that require critical thinking, creative, technical, teaching, and communication skills

 Drawing on a graphic tablet Drawing a Wall: Where “Technical Communication” Ends and Graphic Design Begins The oddly defensive term “technical communication” was created to challenge an imaginary wall between technical writing and graphics. This imaginary wall between writing and graphics is not necessarily our fault, but we’re the ones best suited to – well, not to tear it down, but at least to put it where it belongs.
 lifeguard-stand-sm Tech Comm, CXM and Consumer Protection Issues (poll)As consumers, most, if not all, of us can relate an experience where lack of knowledge caused some sort of harm. That speeding ticket… an extra interest penalty… Which begs this latest poll question: whether and when should tech comm and customer experience professionals take a role in dealing with consumer protection issues.

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