TechWhirl: Technical Communication Recap for June 6, 2014

technical communication recapBefore diving into your weekend of chores and snores, and various other non-work activities, catch up on what’s happening in tech comm, content management and customer experience. The debate on the future of tech comm roars, conversation on content soars, and managing customer experience goes well beyond the stores.

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Judging the Best Articles on the Web

Judging the Best Articles on the Web

Tech Writer This Week for June 5, 2014

Tech Writer This Week finds the best articles on the web and shares them in one. Convenient. Place.

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Tech Comm as Craft or Commodity (poll)

Are we really moving to “commodified writing” for technical information, or does effective content require a master of the craft of technical communication? Time for a vote and some more debate.


Product Review: Schema ST4 Is The Mercedes-Benz of Component Content Management Systems

Schema is a German company that has oodles of clients in Europe and Asia but has just entered the North American market with its ST4 CCMS. I put ST4 through its paces this spring and, to put it simply, they offer the best CCMS I’ve ever seen.

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