TechWhirl: Technical Communication Recap for May 23, 2014

Long holiday weekend here we come! Lots of US technical communicators return to work today after the STC Summit, and get a long weekend to recuperate from one day of hard work☺. Fear not … TechWhirl has not been idle while tech comm, and customer experience conferences soldiered on.

Get your introduction to eLearning, great shared expertise on optimizing content for global audiences, and some background on being Word Wise. More than a few of those weren’t conferencing in tropical locales were chatting amongst themselves in the TechWhirl community. Register for the forum or subscribe to the email list join them and offer your thoughts on HTML code reviews, commoditified writing, optional plurals and much more. And don’t forget to check out the archives too.

Have a great weekend!

-Connie and the gang at TechWhirl

 Marcia and Adam get punked by Mr Doubletalk at ICC2014-sm

Word Wise: Another ICC2014 Interview with Marcia Riefer Johnston

Well, Amazon may be big—with a name like that, how could they be small?—but apparently, their stories don’t tell the whole story. When I went looking (Googling, of course) for “the moment,” the big moment when the whole world of books crossed the line, I couldn’t find it.

 Strategy-Context-Supply Chain-sm

Preparing Content for a Global Audience – Part 1

Departments and teams responsible for preparing content for numerous internal and external audiences can no longer rely on English being “the language of business.” Content must be globalized, translated, localized and often transcreated to satisfy consumers who want to search, learn and buy in their own language in the comfort of their own culture.

 what is eLearning

What is eLearning?

The simplest definition from Google search results defines eLearning as “learning conducted via electronic media, typically on the internet.” It takes SMEs, stakeholders, and knowledge of audience needs and expectations to develop complete, meaningful learning experiences that actually impact organizational goals.


Transferring Skills Between Tech Comm and CXM (poll)

If the silos can come down in the typical business, it may that CXM is the way to do it. So we turn our attention to the practical side of this trend: how can tech comm and other content professionals transfer their skills and move into this growing area?

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