TechWhirl: Technical Communication Recap for July 18, 2014

technical communication recapYou might call our current crop of awesome content “TechWhirl summer blockbusters.” We’re not talking 140 minutes of action-packed super-hero adventures, but for folks in the business of producing technical content, and developing better customer experiences, a debut, a sequel, a recap and a poll might help you make it to the top of the charts.

We’re delighted to welcome Fabiano Cid as our newest columnist. Fabiano is a localization super hero based in Brazil who provides some great content marketing lessons from the World Cup. DITA superstar Jacquie Samuels has the lowdown on building out a DITA content strategy. And we round it out with the current poll question and the best of the web this week.

As always, we want to hear from you on the topics that matter to tech comm and customer experience pros. Check out the email discussion list, or post a comment in the community forums. We think they are the critics’ choice.

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Tech Writer This Week for July 17, 2014

The best of the Tech Comm and Content Strategy / Technology posts from around the web for the week of July 17, 2004.


Lost in Localization: Marketing Lessons from the 2014 World Cup

Tying marketing and other content efforts to the global spectacle that is the World Cup will only take you to the group matches. Companies trying to reach the semifinals with a successful strategy must start with a deep knowledge of the local market and sensitivity to cultural icons.

 Spyglass on a Map

Building a DITA Content Strategy

Adopting DITA without a content strategy is like driving without a map or a specific destination. Without one, you’ll eventually get somewhere, but it might not be where you wanted to be. And you may need to backtrack a lot to get there. You definitely need a DITA content strategy before you start looking for tools.


Tech Comm, CXM and Consumer Protection Issues (poll)

As consumers, most, if not all, of us can relate an experience where lack of knowledge caused some sort of harm. That speeding ticket… an extra interest penalty… Which begs this latest poll question: whether and when should tech comm and customer experience professionals take a role in dealing with consumer protection issues.

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