TechWhirl: Technical Communication Recap for March 7, 2014

technical communication recapThe past two weeks have been somewhat of a blur for the gang here at TechWhirl, having covered the Intelligent Content Conference for the first time last week (look for some summaries of the happenings over the next few weeks), and hearing about a number of product releases in our little corner of the world. We know that producers of technical content have a number of high-quality tools to choose from, and these vendors pay attention to what their users are asking for. If you haven’t made time to research what’s new on the tool front, this is a great time to do so, with so many upgraded products to choose from.

Our vendor partners pay attention to the TechWhirl community, which means you have the opportunity to make your voice heard. Add your thoughts and comments by registering for the forum. Don’t forget to check out the archives, and subscribe to the email list to see who’s talking about what.

I’m still looking for a vendor who can provide me with a comfy pair of tech comm running shoes to keep up with what’s happening in our field every day… recommendations appreciated :-)

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At the start, things easily change

At the start, things easily change

Tech Writer This Week for March 6, 2014

Deep thoughts and some of the best content strategy and technical communication articles and ideas on the web for this week.


MadCap Flare 10 – A Review

Flare is a relative newcomer to the tech docs world, debuting in 2006. But MadCap has been busily extending it, with its tenth release this week (March 4) offering major new features and many enhancements. The most important new feature in MadCap Flare 10, in my opinion, is the new responsive output.


MadCap Flare 10 First Look Review

Taking the advice of users in the form of “feature enhancements” is central to MadCap Software’s product roadmap. The release of MadCap Flare 10 keeps this commitment front and center.

 clickhelp logo

ClickHelp: Helping Small and Medium-sized Businesses Realize the Potential of Documentation

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), with little expertise or resources to support technical content management, have had few options available to them when it comes to authoring and publishing help for customers. Tulskiy Standart is on a mission to change that with ClickHelp, its online help authoring and technical writing tool.

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