TechWhirl: Technical Communication Recap for May 30, 2014

technical communication recapDown here in Charlotte, NC (where the four seasons consist of January, February, March and Summer), we’re regularly treated to thunderstorms of varying intensities, sometimes singly, sometimes in a line. We had a string of them last night, the first one occurring literally moments after I picked up the mail (the snail kind) from the mailbox. It was odd because there was no “calm before the storm”—watching the storm clouds build up, hearing some low rumbles of thunder, seeing a few distant lightning strikes, and feeling winds start to pick up—it just hit. And I began to think about those warning signals before a big storm in terms of tech comm and content.

Recent posts, conference sessions and social media commentary, and some upcoming webinars and such, are swirling around “the future of tech comm.” And I’m not sure yet if this is just one in a line of storms that have tracked across our horizons for the last few years, or if there’s a super cell brewing. While we wait for the latest meteorologist’s prediction, TechWhirl continues (usually calmly, but that’s often a matter of opinion) offering up some useful and engaging content—like managing your boss, getting ready to go global with your content, and more. Time to check it out—no galoshes required.

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-Connie and the gang at TechWhirl

Graduation Day!

Graduation Day!

Tech Writer This Week for May 29, 2014

In this edition of Tech Writer This Week, we’re graduating and getting a real job.

 The Help Files

The Help Files: Dealing with Your Boss by Managing Up

Because everyone has a boss, this installment of The Help Files contains hints on managing up. In other words, how to handle your boss so she gives you the reaction and the results you want.


Preparing Content for a Global Audience – Part 2

Technology, the right resources, effective processes, and a well-thought out global content strategy play key roles in helping organizations manage content that achieves their global business objectives. Val Swisher, Steve Walker, and Diana Ballard, experts coming from varying content perspectives, all agree that simplicity is key to best practices in global content optimization.


Transferring Skills Between Tech Comm and CXM (poll)

If the silos can come down in the typical business, it may that CXM is the way to do it. So we turn our attention to the practical side of this trend: how can tech comm and other content professionals transfer their skills and move into this growing area?

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