TechWhirl: Technical Communication Recap for September 5, 2014

technical communication recapMaybe it’s just me, but seems to be a whirl of activity going on in the world of  content and communication (see what I did there?). I have been living by mantra “the hurrier I go the behinder I get,” for several weeks now, and no slowdown appears on the horizon.  However, to quote another cliché worth living by: “It’s better to be busy than bored.”

So if you find yourself gazing off into space with no writing project in front of you as your excuse, or if you’re shutting down the work laptop a teensy bit earlier each day, we have an alternative to creeping boredom. Actually several alternatives.

First, consider becoming an intrepid TechWhirl event journalist. We are looking for a couple more very Special Writers to help us cover LavaCon 2014 or cover Information Development World. If you can make your way to Portland or San Jose (respectively) on your own dime, your registration won’t cost you another dime. Write up your experiences and summarize the amazing sessions that will be available. It’s an awesome deal that includes your very own TechWhirl byline. Drop us a note with your details and a good reason why you want to cover one of the conferences.

Second, put together a submission of the amazingly awesome work you’ve done creating content that supports the user experience and enter the Customer Experience Recognition Awards. You know you want some bragging rights… here’s your chance. Get your entry in by September 19.

Third, you can go all creative on us and participate in Tech Comm Halloween Horror Festival 2014. We know how much horrifying (and occasionally supernatural) stuff can happen on the way to producing the great content you work on every day. Truth is often stranger than fiction, but we’ll take either, or both. Regal us with your tales of zombies, ghosts, and other assorted corporate and non-corporeal beings. It’s fun, and you don’t have to worry about a style guide.

And of course you can always stay on top of the latest debates and questions that need answering by participating in our email discussion listand community forums.

With all this going on, if you’re bored, you only have yourself to blame.

Have a great weekend!

-Connie and the gang at TechWhirl

What's in Here?

What’s in Here?

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