Technical Communications Poll: Biggest Translation Challenges

Translation and localization are among the hottest topics in technical communications at the moment, right? So how well does a phrase like “hottest topics” translate to other languages?  Can you translate for languages using non-Latin alphabets?  Will it fit the display if it reads right-to-left? For technical communicators facing their first translation project, and for veterans who have to manage content in multiple languages, culture, slang and idioms are just one part of the challenge to make content global. During March TechWhirl and Tech Writer Today will be taking a look at some of many aspects to consider when managing translation and localization efforts.

To get us started, we wanted to find out what the folks who have to write technical communications content, and those who have to manage delivery, are seeing as their biggest challenges. The details of globalizing content effectively are myriad, but the areas we included on this week’s poll should help us get started.  We’ve included a “something else” option, and you can choose more than one challenge that you’re facing, or expect to face in the near future. Feel free to add a comment, and if you know of translation and localization resources that have been particularly helpful in your projects, please do let us know, and we’ll share them with everyone. If you prefer, head over to the email discussion list and start a thread or answer a question.


What's the most challenging tech com aspect of doing a translation project?

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