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Over the last week, we’ve posted seven technical writer and writer roles on TechWhirl Jobs. All of these roles are full-time excite one, which is contract-to-hire. We’ve been really pleased with the postings and responses on our Twitter Account and jobs site.

Are you ready to jump into the job search as we near the dog-days of summer?  If so, what type of technical writer job are you looking to get?  Or, are your technical writer days behind you and you’re ready for the wider world of technical communications or dare we write, marketing?  Maybe a little consulting in your future?  The world needs better communicators … just … like  … you.

Some of our most Recent Technical Writer Jobs

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So what’s the holdup if you’re really looking?  Is your resume in order?  What about your cover letters?  We know the summer absolutely stinks for job searches but since September is right around the corner, it’s time to get your game face on and your target list of companies ready.  Yes, we have a little jobs site, but also check Monster, Dice.Com and Career Builder along with many others.   Of course, those recommendations also promote doing things the hardway, when networking and using a site like MeetUp.Com are also good since great communicators are darn hard to find.

Favorite Job Search Posts

Searching for a job is never easy but it helps to know where to look. We recommend following our TechCommJobs Twitter Account and then setting up a few hash searches in Twitter including #JobSearch, #JobHunt and #TechComm (more general).

Do you have a job opening in technical communication and want to promote it on TechWhirl? Submit your job today and we’ll get it published and promoted. Questions on TechWhirl’s Tech Comm Jobs site? Then try our FAQs and About Us pages and if that doesn’t answer everything then contact us.

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