Technical Writer Poll: What Kinds of Visuals Do You Include in Technical Writing?

Warning:  we are approaching a new month and a new theme.  Objects in the mirror are probably larger than they appear–and for sure, those technical writing deadlines are MUCH closer than they appear.

Like most of you, I tend to (pardon the cliche) wear a lot of hats. While the artist’s beret isn’t necessarily a perfect fit for me, I do enjoy working with visuals to produce good, useful and relevant deliverables.  As we go through the month of February, we’ll spend a fair amount of time on Tech Writer Today talking about visuals,and the requisite  tools and techniques in technical communications.  What kind of visuals work in our Web 2.0 world?  Perhaps in the 80’s and 90’s those lengthy user manuals with the squinchy screen shots and ubiquitous clip art were considered best of breed, but it’s becoming a harder sell to end users (as we’ve discussed over the past month).  So today’s poll is a starting point, to find out what kind visuals you produce with your technical writing content, and to start some discussions on what’s effective and maybe even why…

We invite you to take the poll, and start a conversation on the intersection between technical writing and visual communications.  It’s going to be a lively, and perhaps even picturesque, month as we cover “More than 1,000 words, techniques for visual communications” on TechWhirl and Tech Writer Today.

What kinds of visuals do you include in your technical writing content?

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