Where’s the Conversation in Tech Comm? (Poll)

Webinars, Posts and Announcements

Twiitter #techcomm is mosly Webinars, Posts and Announcements

Updated: July 16 – Added embed for Nestify Twitter Community (experiment)

This week’s poll question was supposed to be a follow-up to last week’s question on Customer Experience Management but we’re calling an audible and going a different direction this week. That little debate is running around 60 / 40 by the way – yes, my company is provides great CXM is in the lead right now – feel free to jump in and add your vote.

Today’s poll question came about innocently enough. During our work on last week’s Tech Writer This Week we decided to make it more chatty by adding some conversational Tweets / Facebook / insert favorite social media posts along with our normal links to popular articles. This should be fairly simple (we thought) so we entered #techcomm, the dominant hashtag for the industry, into Storify to see what the world was talking about only to find that the list of tweets, posts and discussions all focusing on new stories (guilty), webinars and product announcements. We then searched some other popular combos with similar success.

What in the name of Microsoft Manual of Style is going on here? Where’s the chatter? The dialog? The virtual Cheers where everyone can find an answer or share an experience? It’s got to be out there, but it certainly wasn’t on Twitter last week. Or the week before. Or, the week before that. The chatter occasionally happens but that’s normally around conference time.

For the record, we’re not being critical of the promote your post-webinar-product announcements industrial complex. At least the hashtag has a brand, and frankly TechWhirl might become a personal journal without it. But, where are the conversations really happening?

We’ve found some good choices and now need your feedback. Our top candidates are our own email discussion list TECHWR-L, LinkedIn Groups, Technical Writing World, Yahoo! Groups, Individual Emails, mySTC, Google+ Communities, Blog Comments (Scriptorium, I’d Rather Be Writing, The Content Wrangler, Every Page is Page One) or the always popular other.

This list isn’t scientific or an endorsement. It was created by looking at the #techomm stream and roughly 10 minutes of deep thinking on a Sunday afternoon. If we’ve missed one please let us know in the comments and we’ll add it. Also in the comments – why are you using (or not using) your selections.

Where do you chat about Content Management or Tech Comm?

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