TechWhirl: Technical Communication Recap for April 26, 2013

technical communication recapThe communication recap for April 26 goes all show biz… Spring fashion trends rarely have a technology bent to them, but it seems as though this year will be a bit different.  We’ve been reading scads of stories on the iWatch, the Pebble, and Google Glass, so wearable computers are the latest happening thing. Which is why we posted a new technical communication poll on whether wearable computers will impact tech comm.  It has sparked some fascinating discussions both on the email list and in the comments section of the poll introduction.  You’re welcome to continue  the discussion and take it in some new directions, and do cast your vote as well.

Craig Cardimon, our own Duct Tape Writer, curates Tech Writer This Week, and as an added bonus, provides a thumbs-up review on Marcia Riefer Johnson’s new book, Word Up!.  We invite you to check out both articles, and remember to join us for the Fast 5 interview with Marcia on Tuesday, April 30, at12 pm (EDT). Two lucky participants will receive an autographed copy of Word Up! You can tweet your questions before or during the video chat using #TWFast5.

For those of you in the Northern hemisphere, we hope you get to enjoy the glorious spring weather, with minimal disruption from the last of those April showers.

Have a great weekend!

-Connie and the gang at TechWhirl

 Tech Writer This Week

Tech Writer This Week for April 26, 2013

Problem solving, programming, writing, testing, strategy, marketing, and programming of a different sort–We round up all of it on Tech Writer This Week. Let’s talk interesting technical content, appreciation for programming, and how to build a list. Folks on the user experience and content strategy fronts will find some great advice for testing, strategy, and curation. We wrap it all up with a new LinkedIn mobile app, writing, and big news from the entertainment world.

 Word Up

Book Review: “Word Up!” Is a Goldmine of Easy and Fun Writing Wisdom

I was expecting to like Marcia Riefer Johnston’s book, Word Up! How to Write Powerful Sentences and Paragraphs (And Everything You Build from Them), But then I was also thinking, “Who needs yet another book on grammar? Is it worth buying and reading?” Turns out the answers are “me” and “yes!” Let’s take a look at a few of the items that resonated with me.

 wearable computers-designboom-sm

Technical Communication Poll: Will Wearable Computers Change Tech Comm?

Trekkie-loving technical communicators are a geeky lot of futurists who have made a living explaining geeky to other people, and who look forward to talking about iPhones and Nexus tablets as so passe. The early-adopting consumer aspect notwithstanding, wearable computers could change everything about how we work as well as play. Or maybe not. That’s what this week’s technical communication poll aims to find out.

Technical Communication News

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