TechWhirl: Technical Communication Recap for July 11, 2014

technical communication recapI decided to try to get through one weekly recap without reference to major global sporting events or the weather … oops!

Conferences are a big subject of conversation in the tech comm and content strategy fields, and getting the boss to pay for them is too. It’s even more of a challenge if you’re a newbie, so TechWhirl’s Answer Lady, Rachel Houghton, offers some guidance from her own vast experience and from the folks who organize conferences. Worth a read even if you’re not a newbie.

Lots of companies hit a bit of a slowdown this time of year, so maybe you’ll have a few minutes to wander around the email discussion list and add your thoughts to some of the conversations – like whether there’s still a need for developing TOCs and indexes, user expectations for web-based help, and how to get PDF output from Confluence.

We launched a new poll question for your voting and chatting pleasure, so take a few minutes to decide your position on how our industry should interact on issues related to consumer protection and consumer affairs. Not always top of mind to tech comm folks who focus on the how-to’s, but they along with customer experience pros should be looking at all the angles.

And finally, a plug for the Content Management System (CMS) implementation survey being conducted by grad students at Mercer University School of Engineering. They’re getting a helping hand from our friends at Scriptorium, but they need respondents too, so take a few minutes to provide that real-world perspective.

Have a great weekend!

-Connie and the gang at TechWhirl

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The Answer Lady: Making the Case for Conferences

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As consumers, most, if not all, of us can relate an experience where lack of knowledge caused some sort of harm. That speeding ticket… an extra interest penalty… Which begs this latest poll question: whether and when should tech comm and customer experience professionals take a role in dealing with consumer protection issues.

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