TechWhirl: Technical Communication Recap for November 1, 2013

technical communication recap for July 5Now that you’ve removed the last traces of zombie makeup, come down from the sugar high, and made your post-Halloween dental appointments, you should be able to cruise into your weekend with a little tech comm Halloween entertainment, some news, and some insight from the rest of the Whirlers on the email discussion list. This week found our community debating knowledge bases, using tables for technical content, iconography, handling some specific document challenges, and more.  Not too scary, but definitely attention-getting.

This year’s Halloween horror stories covered the lifecycle of a typical technical communicator, from those awkward geeky days of high school, to corporate life, and project debacles. Thanks to Grant Fetters, Joe Gollner and Craig Cardimon for their contributions.  And if you haven’t gotten enough Halloween- flavored content and communication knowledge, check out the Halloween edition of Tech Writer This Week.

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Tech Writer This Week – Halloween 2013 Edition

This week’s edition of Tech Writer This Week has a little bit of everything including some nice tips on getting good audio on videos, how to connect to mobile audiences and yet another staple, DITA.


Zombies in the Boardroom

David wasn’t going to let the zombies take him without a fight. Gathering his nerve, he kicked open the conference room door, and dove into the gloom.

 tale from content management crypt

A Tale from the Content Management Crypt

Like all good horror stories, this one starts with a group of normal people engaging in a convivial discussion—one full of optimism and hope. It began as an online discussion about how all content management investments generate some good. But, “The Perfect CMS Failure” could strike fear into the most optimistic content professional’s heart.


Monster: A Halloween Horror Story

A group of misfit geeks are harassed in high school to a point they are ready to take a stand and get back some of their dignity. Their plans are to become hideous monsters and take out their revenge on their classmates at this year’s Halloween party. But can they make the transformation back or will they be monsters forever?

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