TechWhirl: Technical Communication Recap for October 3, 2014

technical communication recapHere’s to winding up another week that could really use about 10 more work hours just to get it all under control! Here at TechWhirl, we’re gearing up for a busy season of conference-going; rehearsing for our next TechWhirl Fast 5:Hitchhikers Guide to XML Authoring; monitoring the very interesting discussions happening on the email discussion list and community forum; and continuing to plan and publish content designed to intrigue and educate an ever-growing group of content professionals. Interested in eLearning, structured authoring, video scripting, organizing documents, or career advice? Scout out the magazine and the discussion boards, and add your two cents.

We don’t know if you actually need encouragement to share your opinions (it is something that Whirlers are famous for), but we hope that you will take the time. Adobe, one of TechWhirl’s longstanding and largest sponsors has opened their 2014 Tech Comm survey. The good folks of Adobe really do listen to the feedback they get, so here’s your chance to influence the direction of Adobe Tech Comm products … oh and to win some cool prizes:

Just two more weeks to compose that real like tech comm horror story (or the fake ones that seem real.) We want your submission for the 2014 Tech Comm Halloween Horror Festival by October 17.

Have a great weekend!

-Connie and the gang at TechWhirl

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Tech Writer This Week for October 2, 2014

Enjoying a little cake and the best of the web in this week’s Tech Writer This Week

 what is eLearning

Rapid eLearning Development: Choose the Right Tools for the Work

You’ve seen the nightmare unfold too often before. Upon entering a classroom or conference center, hoping to glean nuggets of wisdom from your professor or trainer, you are instead met with…Death by PowerPoint! You can help combat poorly designed and delivered training by moving appropriate materials online with the aid of rapid eLearning development tools.


Tips & Tricks: Making the Move to Structure

As you begin to explore structured content and how you can leverage it for your organization, you’ll need to consider quite a number of things, including what structured model to use. Perform a proof of concept with some of your existing content to understand your ability migrate to that standard.

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Role of Video in Technical & Support Content (poll)

Whether you currently handle video content as part of your duties, or think the task may be thrust upon you at some point, do take a moment to vote in the poll and provide your thoughts about effectiveness, usability, ROI or anything else that can improve our understanding of video’s role in technical content.


Tech Comm Halloween Horror Festival 2014

Once again it’s time to record those mythic tales of darkness and despair and share them with other champions of the light (and other wannabe heros battling evil and bad formatting across the globe) in the Tech Comm Halloween Horror Festival – 2014 Edition.

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