TechWhirl: Technical Communications Recap for March 24, 2012

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Whew, TechWhirl has just about finished up a pretty hectic week, with great new content on translation topics, summaries of sessions at WritersUA, and all kinds of technical communications news.  We’re thrilled that we got to interview Tom Aldous and talk tech comm and Adobe.  And we’re grateful to Dorothee Racette president of the American Translators Association for her overview of Ten Steps to Successful Translation Projects. Keith Soltys provided some really practical tips on managing FrameMaker and ePublisher when doing translation, and Ashley Brown, Lauren Hart and Julie Grady have been giving us the insiders’ view on user assistance as presented at WritersUA.

Before you head out for whatever weekend warrior activities you have planned, take a minute and go vote in our weekly poll on methods to demonstrate the value of technical communications.  And please post your comments or contribute to the email discussion to add your thoughts on a topic of major importance to all of us in the technical communications field.

And whatever you do, have a great weekend.

-the gang at TechWhirl

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Technical Communications: What You’re Talking About

A quick shout out to our Technical Writers and their discussions in our email discussion group:

  • Megan Bruce wants opinions on “Uninstalling vs Removing” in software documentation. As a result, we have a lively discussion on what happens in each of the major OSs, the difference between a command and an action, and any post-operation cleanup that might need to be done.  And don’t forget the eternal battle between Microsoft Manual of Style, Read Me First and the Apple Publications Style Guide-cage match anyone?
  • Nancy Allison’s question on “Kindle? Other Hardware? How to Choose?” brought out some great real-life experiences from Whirlers on what kind of device to use for reading, including backlighting and impact on eyestrain, color definition, multi-use, and battery life.  Worth reading also for the ideas on what you can do test drive different devices prior to purchase.
  • Charlotte Claussen is looking to upgrade the toolset and wants a“HAT to replace Forehelp 5 – working with Passolo and Visual Studio.” Whirlers provided some practical feedback and recommendations on a number of tools, and raised some interesting questions on workflows that include contributions and reviews from developers and other SMEs.

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