The Help Files: Use LinkedIn in Covert Job Hunting

bench-autumnHere on America’s East Coast, the days are growing shorter and the air is getting cooler. It is a welcome change to turn the fans on instead of having to use the central air conditioning. Bring on that nice, low electric bill!

With change literally in the air, some people might think that landing a new job for 2017 would be great. The catch? They’re afraid that their boss might find out. Bosses are not known for looking kindly upon employees who are looking for new jobs. Should she find out that you’re on the job market (not happy with her, your job, and/or the company), you’re liable to be shown the door before you can get an interview, let alone a job.

Then what is the cautious job-seeker to do? Glad you asked. Fortunately, for employees who want to look for a new job while still employed at their soon-to-be-former job, LinkedIn has added a new feature especially for you. I have assembled the top posts on the subject here for your convenience.

Now you can use LinkedIn to look for a new job — without tipping off your boss

Matt Weinberger’s post on Business Insider regarding the new LinkedIn feature was widely shared, and with good reason. He explains where the feature may be found and what it can do for you. He includes a handy screen shot, so you’ll know what you’re looking at.

LinkedIn will now let you discreetly signal when you’re looking for a job

Ingrid Lunden’s piece on TechCrunch describes the new Open Candidates feature as being available only to recruiters who pay to use LinkedIn’s services. Will any of this be available for free? 

Want a new job? You can now say so on your LinkedIn profile

Kurt Wagner’s article on Recode stresses that the Open Candidates feature will make your desire for a new job visible ONLY to recruiters who work for other companies, according to LinkedIn. 

LinkedIn can quietly tell headhunters you want a new job

Daniel Cooper’s post on Engadget says you should be receiving an email from LinkedIn (if you haven’t already), asking you to update your employment status and recruitment availability. 

Nitty-Gritty Note 1: For quick access, log in to your LinkedIn page. On your Profile page, click the Jobs link in the top menu bar. When the next page opens, click the Preferences tab, then click the switch labeled, “Let recruiters know you’re open.” Flip the switch from Off to On. Then go get yourself a new job!

Nitty-Gritty Note 2: This new feature isn’t an all-or-nothing item. Your choices are full-time, part-time, contract, remote, or freelance. Select one item, or select them all if need be.

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