ThirtySix Software Introduces new Content Management Product

ThirtySix Software, creator of SmartDocs—a content management and content reuse tool for use in Microsoft Word—introduces a new product to their suite of fine tech comm tools.  While SmartDocs users create better documents faster and manage content directly in their Word environment, this focus on organization has left out another valuable market.

Introducing DumDocs for those who are too organized and who have been firewalled from social networking sites and no longer take smoke breaks.  Yes, too much time on your hands—let DumDocs take care of those extra moments in your day.

DumDocs…What’s in it for you?

  • No more boring, consistent formatting. With DumDocs, your documents will apply random styles and fonts in every section, paragraph, and table. You don’t even have to think about it! WingDings font? Absolutely! Yellow text? No problem! DumDocs does it all for you.
  • Want to always appear busy at work? Well, with DumDocs, you’ll be sure to keep busy trying to figure out where your documents have been saved. With every Ctrl + S, DumDocs creates a new folder and stores your document in a safe place. It’s like a scavenger hunt, so have fun with it!  In version 2.0, utilizing proprietary technology, DumDocs will also be hidden.
  • Tired of dealing with SMEs and their review comments? Well, with DumDocs documents, your SMEs will be verbally ridiculed for every change they make to your brilliantly written procedures and product descriptions. Some out-of-the-box comments are:
    • Seriously??
    • Um…we already discussed that. You’re clearly wrong.
    • Can you please learn how to spell?
    • Do I look like I enjoy trying to read your chicken scratch?
    • Yeah…sure I’ll implement that change. NOT!

[NOTE: Insults are completely configurable to suit your particular corporate culture.  Insult template sold separately]

Tablet and Phone Apps Available Soon

Look for our battery-draining tablet and above average phone apps later this year.  Contact us for a free demo! We’ll do our best to find our files and show you how it works.

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