Vasont Offers New Telepathic Transmission Extension


Vasont Systems adds new thought transference technology to its flagship component content management system

EMIGSVILLE, PA — April 1, 2012 — Vasont Systems, a top provider of component content management solutions and data services, today announced the availability of its new AF Extension that provides telepathic transmission technology for its Vasont Content Management System. This ground-breaking technology enables technical communicators to create new content through the transference of mental objects. The AF Extension senses a technical communicator’s thoughts, automatically converts it to XML, and stores it in the Vasont CMS, saving writers hours of time when creating new content by eliminating the need to type content into an XML editor. The AF Extension is only available on April 1, 2012.



Tony Chung

Tony Chung

11 years ago

I love it! The Vasont extension would go great alongside my patented Cam-memory device that prints photos from your thoughts, both real memories and enhanced renditions.

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