W3C HTML Working Group Seeks Editors for Review of HTML5 Specifcations

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) has announced that it is seeking editors to support its Last Call review for  the HTML5 specifications. After the HTML Working Group Chairs posted a  draft stabilization plan with a timeline for advancing the HTML5 specifications to W3C Recommendation, they received substantive changes based on feedback, and subsequently planned a second Last Call review for the HTML5 specifications. In addition, the HTML Working Group will be rechartered so that development of the next version of HTML can occur in parallel with moving the current version to W3C Recommendation.

The HTML Working Group chairs are seeking  new editors or co-editors  of both  the Recommendation-track versions of the HTML5 and HTML Canvas 2D Context specifications. The HTML Working Group recently published ten updated Working Drafts, including a document that lists the changes that have been made to the HTML5 specifications since the published of the initial Last Call Working Draft in May 2011.

The group announced significant progress on HTML5 as measured by implementations, market adoption, updated publications, and test-suite contributions. All major browsers provide support for key HTML5 features with additional support for browser versions now under development. In addition, market adoption continues to spread into web-based gaming, online media and mobile content, and test submissions continue to be accepted.  Read the full announcement.


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