WebWorks Releases ePublisher Version 2012.4

WebWorks ePublisherWebWorks®, makers of ePublisher, the next-generation publishing software with truly responsive one-click HTML5 output, has released ePublisher 2012.4. This release is the annual maintenance release and completes the 2012 release series. ePublisher supports most popular input formats (DITA, Microsoft Word, FrameMaker) and allows one-click publishing from any of them.

WebWorks® CEO Tony McDow stresses the importance of compatibility and frequent releases within the company:

“Web browsers and other software that ePublisher users work with on a daily basis are updated several times each year. It is absolutely mandatory for us to keep releasing frequently and to take one release per year and focus specifically on compatibility and maintenance. This not only gives us an edge on the competition but also ensures that WebWorks® customers never have to worry about compatibility issues. The reason we put so much energy and focus into keeping up with the needs of constantly changing compatibility and frequent updates is so our customers don’t have to.”

Key features in the 2012 release series are:

  • Style Designer Preview
  • Advanced customization interface with file comparison support
  • FrameMaker 11 support
  • Windows 8 Support
  • DITA performance and scalability enhancements
  • Word DOCX improvements
  • Reverb on the desktop, no server required
  • Reverb client-side search support for phrases and wildcards
  • Updates for the latest versions of Google Chrome and Internet Explorer
To learn more or to download 2012.4 , visit the WebWorks Latest Release page.


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