Welcome Back “Howlin’ MadCap” Software & Introducing the Special Writers Unit

If you’ve been following along, and judging by our growing Facebook FriendsTwitter followers and website hits, it seems like you have, you know that we’ve been recruiting writers.   The feedback to our request has been good.  It’s been great actually.  I was a little excited after organizing our weekend discussions so I tweeted:

Love when a plan starts coming together: starting to assemble a crew of writers.  May need to buy a cigar and a black van with a red stripe

I got up to get glass a wine, after all it was past 4pm, and returned back to:

@techwritertoday writers of fortune… cool. Can I join?! (@RyanMinaker)

and then @techwritertoday do you need a crew of copyeditors? (@alaltenburg)

Hell yes we do, which is what I replied.  In fact, Connie and I really loved the name, so it started creeping into a few of our posts and emails.   Grateful a) someone actually read our Tweet and b) for a clever idea we thought the idea was complete.  However early the next week Tony and Ryan took us a little further:

I was thinking more like the A-TechWhirlers RT @RyanMinaker: @techwritertoday writers of fortune… cool. Can I join?! (@techcom)

@techcom @techwritertoday would the A still stand for Alpha? ‘Special writers unit, Operational Detachment- Alpha’ (@RyanMinaker)

So there you have it – our writers official title: Special Writers Unit, Operational Detachment – Alpha-TechWhirlers.  TechWhirl: NPR Morning Edition meets Pirate radio for Technical Communicators with our Special Writers Unit.  Now, it’s time for that cigar.   A very sincere shout-out and thank you to Ryan, Andrea and Tony for their ideas.  We literally couldn’t have done it without you.  So, we sincerely recommend you hiring them, giving them a raise or saying yes when they want you too.

To everyone signed up to be working with the SWU welcome.   We need your permission, by next week we’ll start naming names. We’re still looking for people to join the Special Writers Unit.   There’s a lot of interesting stories out there so if you don’t know where to turn, why not join the … give us a try.

Send us a Tweet or contact us.  Next on this agenda – working with our writers to get them published and maybe a special TechWhirl red and black logo.   Or, we all get mohawks.   Or tattoos.   Or … Ok, fine, I’ll get back to it – we have huge news to announce anyway.

All good Ateams need special backing and we’re proud to announcement that “Howlin’ MadCap” Software has rejoined this year as a Platinum Sponsor.   If you haven’t tried Flare yet – what are you waiting for?  There’s a free trial and everything.  All writers using Flare have been judged to be above average.   Maybe if we ask nicely they’ll move from the neon green to a red and black look for a while?

If you have a story – that no one else can write – and if you can find them – maybe you can getting it written by the A-TechWhirlers.


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