Welcome Back Kotter & What’s in a Name?

“Welcome back! Welcome back!” … The gang here have been singing that song for the the last few weeks thanks to the return of Vancouver Island University and their Technical Communication Certificate Program,which we hear allows all of their graduates to be above average and awfully snappy dressers.  Or, well, something like that – it’s a darn good program and we’re thrilled to have them back with us this year.  If you’re looking to increase your knowledge in technical communications, learn about the latest software, and develop better skills for doing your job – it’s a good program to check out.

The other big change everyone will have noticed is that we’ve made the change from Techwr-l to TechWhirl.  Or you didn’t until we just mentioned and have immediately looked at the logo. Why did we change it? (in yellow so you can quickly find your place after looking)  Why not we say!  Okay, fine, twist our arm on it.

We made the change so that those who are relatively new to the site don’t get tongue tied then they try to pronounce Techwr-l.  We found that without the years of experience on the site and knowledge that it’s really Tech Whirl people seem to get tongue tied.  Connie and I saw it happen numerous times at the STC Summit.  It was like watching people eat taffy.  Those who are on the list and also those who are writing for us are Tech Whirlers.  We, like the graduates of VIU’s program, are all above average.

So what happens to Techwr-l as a name?  We’re not sure how we’ll use it but we know one thing – it’ll never go away.  There’s too much history in the name.  It’ll certainly continue to be the URL for the email list.  Techwr-l is is, after all,  an abbreviation for tech writer List.

Time to clean the chalk from some erasers and get back to preparing our presentation to potential writers.

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