Alfresco Software Releases Enterprise 4 Content Platform

Alfresco Software announced the general availability of  its Alfresco Enterprise 4 content platform, marking the release as its “the first step in a new approach to content management that equips organizations such as technical communications and technical writing teams to address the needs of today’s mobile, social and global workforce. Alfresco calls this approach cloud connected content.”  Enterprise 4 offers an HTML5-enabled interface for social content collaboration and enhanced mobile access.

The newly released content platform enables  integrations with business productivity tools in use by many technical communications teams, including Microsoft Office, GoogleDocs, and Quickoffice HD. In addition, Alfresco made significant improvements to overall performance, indexing, administration and extensibility.

Alfresco Enterprise 4  includes support for mobile devices, allowing access to and editing of content on a range of devices including smart phones and tablets, or on desktops using  browsers that support open standards like CMIS & WebDAV. The content platform’s document management tools also allow “social interactions”  to follow content activity streams. Its productivity apps integrate with a range of content creation and office productivity tools including  Alfresco; Microsoft Office, GoogleDocs, Apple iWork on iPad, PDFExpert, and Adobe Creative Suite, and Enterprise 4 supports publishing to various social media channels, such as YouTube, SlideShare, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Flickr.

Alfresco Enterprise 4 is the foundation for Alfresco in the cloud – a new, multi-tenant cloud collaboration service by Alfresco, currently in beta, and slated for release in stages throughout 2012. The planned releases include integration with Dropbox for file sharing, and Cloud connector.  Cloud connector will deliver cloud & on-premise synchronization  of document management and collaboration services.

Read the full announcement, or visit the Alfresco website.

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