Anna Parker-Richards is the founder of APRsolutions, her consulting business that develops technical communications solutions that provide context and clarity for specific outcomes. She is also the immediate past president of the STC Toronto chapter, a member of STC's Community Affairs Committee (CAC), chairing Leadership day 2012, and professor for the post graduate Technical Communications and English programs at Seneca College.

Anna has been involved in technical communications for over 15 years with experience in technical writing, training development and facilitation, product management, professional services, and marketing; her expertise lies in improving customer service experiences and sales through targeted information solutions. For more details, please visit her LinkedIn profile at:

In her non tech comm world, Anna loves to kick back and chill with friends, colleagues, and family and that means coffee and hot chocolate and old fashioned conversation with her two boys at any coffee shop, or drinks and food and good old-fashioned conversation virtually anywhere. If you see her at a conference, odds are good she’s talking to someone and smiling; that’s because she’s enjoying herself doing her favorite thing – hanging out with like-minded people.

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Integrated Technical Communications: A Map to Better Understanding

Technical communications overlaps with all the other fields involved in the software development lifecycle and often our job objectives dovetail with the business analysts, interaction designers, software architects, product managers, marketing specialists, and so on. Integrated Technical Communications (ITC) defines an approach that supports the business side as well as the technical side of product development. Professionals focused on these disciplines can create ITC Mall Maps to increase visibility to key audiences and demonstrate strategic value to the organization. Continue reading ...