Val Swisher

Val Swisher founded Content Rules recognizing that even the largest companies often do not have the technology, people, and expertise to create content that is global ready. Founded in 1994, under her leadership the company has grown to encompass 20 full-time employees, 200+ customers, and an extensive network of contractors. Val is a frequent speaker on how to create, standardize, and get your content ready for the demands of the global market place. Before starting Content Rules, Val held management positions in technical documentation and training at SynOptics and 3Com.

Writing for Global Readiness: What Technical Writers Need to Know

More companies are translating more content into more languages. Sadly, translating content into multiple languages still costs too much and takes too long. It’s not that the translators or the translation companies are at fault. They are doing the best they can with the source English that they receive. The problem lies in the quality of the source content. There are many things that technical writers, editors, artists, and production editors can do to make English source content easier to translate. And easier content means that the quality of the translation will be higher, the cost will be lower, and the speed will be faster. The perfect trifecta! And for an added bonus, the English version will be easier to understand, too. Continue reading ...