Net-Translators Introduces Mini-Site Translation Package

Net-Translators, provider of translation, localization, and multilingual testing services, launched its Mini-site Translation Package, which offers an affordable alternative for website localization. The Mini-site Translation Package removes traditional barriers to global web expansion and allows organizations to use localized websites to achieve strategic business goals.

Mini-sites are fully localized websites containing a subset of the content from a company’s primary website, which require a fraction of the time and costs associated with localizing a full website. Net-Translators describes some of the benefits to web teams, technical communications teams, and others involved in web content production as improving customer interactions through native language content, quick testing in new foreign language markets, and staying competitive.  In addition, mini-sites can be used to establish small, strategic sites focused around specific products, services, features, technologies, etc., of strategic value or interest to foreign-language markets.

“Many growing companies don’t have the resources to localize their website into many languages, or they aren’t sure which languages will deliver the best ROI,” said Lior Cohen, Vice President of Marketing and Sales. “For these companies, the Mini-site Translation Package lowers the cost and risk of expanding their global web presence and makes it easy to test specific foreign-language markets before committing to full site localization. Because they are cheaper and faster to launch, mini-sites also give companies of any size a variety of new, creative ways to use their web content than would otherwise be possible,” continued Cohen.

Mini-site content includes up to 10 web pages (2500 words) chosen from a company’s primary (English) website. The Mini-site Translation Package offers two service bundles, ‘all-inclusive’ and ‘translation only,’ allowing customers to make the best use of their budget and existing resources. Pricing starts at $800 USD per language.

View the entire press release, or visit the Net-Translators website.

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